How To Use uTorrent & A List Of Popular Torrent Search Engines (aka Torrent Hosting Sites)

Bit Torrent is a file sharing network from computer to computer. Who ever wants to share their files, they have to create a .torrent type file and then sends it to specialized web sites that store, monitor and sorts these .torrent files in categories.

People visit these web sites and if they find what they are searching for they download the .torrent file which is then opened with a Bit Torrent client.

The sites monitor if the person that sent the torrent file is still online, and if so, the respective torrent receives 1 point in seeds. Seeds indicates the total number of people that have downloaded that torrent 100%, if they are online and if they share it further. If a torrent has many seeds it means that you will be able to download it faster. If it has zero seeds it means that you can’t download it, because everyone that has it are not online or they do not want to share it.

When you start to download a torrent, a point is added at Leechers, this value indicates the number of people who are downloading a torrent.

You should be aware of the fact that downloading copyright material is illegal, so you should be careful what you are downloading. The system is very interesting because the authorities, with the current laws, can’t shut these web sites down because they do not host the files that are shared, they only host a link to them.

Bit Torrent client: uTorrent –

Everything is very simple: you install uTorrent and then visit a torrents web site, use the search for browse through the categories, you download the torrent file then open it with uTorrent and wait for it to be downloaded.

Now you know what a torrent is and how it works, how to use it and download it. Now you will need web sites that host torrent files so you can use them to search for whatever you need.

Below you will find a list of the most popular torrent searching (and hosting) websites who are popular on the Internet.

  • Torrentz is a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of torrent search engines.
  • Vertor is a service that filters the “bad” torrents, infected, password protected or fakes. Many users are very happy with Vertor and until now the services provided by this web site have been a top notch.
  • Torrent Root is another other search engine. This site displays results in a very easy to use interface.
  • Kickasstorrents is a pretty popular and a really good torrent searching site for Movies, Games and Software(s). 
  • Entertane is a less popular search engine but very efficient. It searches on 8 different web sites.
  • H33t
  • The Pirate Bay is a very popular and good torrent searching site.
  • Sumo Torrent is a pretty good torrent searching site but like many other torrent web sites this one is supported by adult advertising, however many users have appreciated the ease of use.
  • is a german search engine dedicated to finding specific files, cracks, serial numbers.
  • is the successor of Supernova – it is one of the first databases on the Internet. You can get a plenty of torrents here too.
  • is still in beta, this new site claims to be the biggest legal torrent search engine on the Internet.

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